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Packages that use JahiaObject

Uses of JahiaObject in org.jahia.content

Methods in org.jahia.content that return JahiaObject
static JahiaObject JahiaObject.getInstance(ObjectKey objectKey)
          Instance generator.
static JahiaObject JahiaObject.getInstance(ObjectKey objectKey, boolean forceLoadFromDB)
          Instance generator.

Uses of JahiaObject in

Methods in with parameters of type JahiaObject
static AbstractJahiaObjectBean CategoryBean.getChildInstance(JahiaObject jahiaObject)
          Static instantiator called from the getInstance() method of the AbstractJahiaObjectBean class.
static AbstractJahiaObjectBean AbstractJahiaObjectBean.getInstance(JahiaObject jahiaObject, ProcessingContext processingContext)
          Instance generator.

Uses of JahiaObject in

Subclasses of JahiaObject in
 class Category
          Title: Category object

Methods in that return JahiaObject
static JahiaObject Category.getChildInstance(ObjectKey objectKey)
static JahiaObject Category.getChildInstance(ObjectKey objectKey, JahiaUser p)
          Instance generator.

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