Package org.jahia.utils

Interface Summary
PathResolver Title: Path resolver

Class Summary
ArrayUtils Convenient array utility methods.
DateUtils Convenient date utility methods.
EncryptionUtils Miscellaneous encryption utilities.
FilePathResolver Title: File path resolver
InsertionSortedMap<K,V> Title: Map implementation that respects the insertion order.
InsertionSortedSet<E> Title: Implementation of a set that is ordered by insertion order
JCRSessionLoadAverage A tracker for JCR sessions load.
LanguageCodeConverters Title: Utility class to convert between the different type of language codes encodings.
LanguageCodeConverters.LocaleDisplayNameComparator Comparator implementation that compares locale display names in a certain current locale.
LoadAverage This class makes it easy to calculate a load average, using an average calculation like the following formula: load(t) = load(t – 1) e^(-5/60m) + n (1 – e^(-5/60m)) where n = what we are evaluating over time (number of active threads, requests, etc...) and m = time in minutes over which to perform the average
PaginatedList<Data> Represents a result of paginated list loading, containing requested "chunk" of data objects and the total size of the list.
RequestLoadAverage Tomcat request load average tool.
ScriptEngineUtils ScriptEngine provider class.
StringResponseWrapper Response wrapper to retrieve included output as string.
ThreadLoadAverage Load average class based on active thread count.
Url User: david Date: 1/19/11 Time: 3:01 PM
Version This class represents a product version, and can be initialized by a String.
WebAppPathResolver Title: Web application path resolver
WebUtils Miscellaneous request/response handling methods.

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